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Advanced Tuning Tips

Advanced Tuning Tips

New! Advanced Tuning Tips

Advanced Tuning Tip # 1 - Base-Edge Detailing

Base-edge detailing is important on new ski set-up.Start by measuring your current base-edge bevel. If for example the edges are on 0.5 degrees, typically you’ll increase the bevel to 0.7 on the tips and tails and if they measure 0.7 degrees you could increase them to 1.0 degree. Approximately 5-10cms only. It’s a preferential detail that you work out by testing. Doing this gives you more freedom when needed at the initiation of the turns. Insert your Cut 2 file into the guide and secure with the wedge. Make very light passes 5-10cms only. Then wrap 400-1000 grit sandpaper around a flat bar or diamond stone and take a few finishing passes. If you’re uncomfortable to finish this freehand wrap the sandpaper around your file and use the base-bevel guide. When complete scrape one time to remove any debris and make 1 pass with your brass brush.

Advanced Tuning Tip # 2 - Scrapers Too Sharp?

Are your scrapers too sharp? If you’re finding the structure in your base seems to disappear too quickly the cause may very well be that your scrapers are too sharp! I don’t like the my scrapers to be ‘extremely sharp’. So after using an electric sharpener use 220-280 grit sandpaper. Tip the scraper on a tiny angle towards you and sand back and forth a few times, then tip it away from you and sand back and forth a few more times and lastly a few times with the scraper square. Flip it over and repeat.

Advanced Tuning Tip # 3 - How to choose Left vs. Right ski?

This video explains how to choose your Left vs. your right Right ski when you have new skis.

Advanced Tuning Tip # 4 - Wax Brush sequence & technique (live version)

This video explains both brushing technique and the order brushes are used on new skis. This brushing sequence can also be utilized for competitions.

Advanced Tuning Tip # 4b - Brushing sequence only (Audio version)

This video explains the order brushes are used on new skis. This brushing sequence can also be utilized for competitions.

Advanced Tuning Tip # 5 - How to Remove your Sidewall?

Advanced Tuning Tip # 6 - How to Remove your Top-Sheet?

Advanced Tuning Tip # 7 - How to make your Sidewalls Fast?

Advanced Tuning Tip # 8 - Can't Get Your Edges Sharp enough?

If you struggle to get your edges sharp this video offers an 'advanced' technique that will make it far easier to get the cleanest, sharpest edges.

Advanced Tuning Tip # 9 - Should you Grind Brand New Speed Skis?

This video explains our view on a commonly asked question: Should I grind my brand new speed skis (DH/SG)?

Advanced Tuning Tip # 10 - Scraping Wax off Uneven Bases.

This video offers a tip to scrape wax off uneven bases.

Advanced Tuning Tip # 11 - Are you removing your 'structure' when you scrape?

This video describes how to be sure you're not damaging the structure of your base when you scrape the wax off.

Advanced Tuning Tip # 12 - How to Scrape Your Skis & Boards Better?

This video demonstrates tips on how to use your wax scraper better.

Advanced Tuning Tip # 13 - Tune your Edges 'after' Waxing

This video explains an 'advanced' option for tuning your edges 'after' waxing your skis. This method is commonly used at the elite level to ensure the sharpness of the edges are not compromised in any way.

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