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Carrot M31 Electric Edge Sharpener
    Purchase Carrot M31 Electric Edge Sharpener

    Carrot M31 Electric Edge Sharpener

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    The CARROT side-edge sharpener is an innovative hand-held machine for sharpening ski edges. It's set to revolutionize the field of ski-maintenance, at both the competitive and recreational level. CARROT aims to fill an obvious gap with their solutions in terms of efficiency, quality results and ease of transportation thanks to being packaged in one convenient case.


    CARROT is easy to use in any situation, always providing professional results, thanks to the availability of guides with different angles and various exchangeable grinding disc options. CARROT offers a 1 YEAR WARRANTY on this product, repair services and spare parts. Made in the EU. 



    • 1 CARROT machine 
    • 2 guides - 92°and 93°
    • 1 red stone 120 grit (recommended) 
    • 1 connector for vacuum aspiration system (disposing of fine particulate into your shop vac)
    • 1 power supply unit with ON/OFF switch
    • 1 screwdriver 
    • 1 carrying case

    **Spare 91°and 94° guides sold separately.**

    GRINDING DISC OPTIONS (sold separately)

    • 46 and 80 grits - Typically used for rougher cutting or setting the desired angle. 
    • 120 grit - Most commonly and safest to use stone for everyday sharpening. Recommended for all technical skiers.
    • 240 grit - Most commonly used for speed events such as SG and DH.
    • 320 and 500 grits - Used for very fine finishing only.  
    • Ceramic - Used as a finishing stone. Recommended as your second disc after the 120 grit for those in need of a more aggressive edge. I.e. on injected snow. 
    • Diamond stone - Used only as a finishing stone and for speed events.


    • Tip: to finish the edge use a Diamond Guide with a 1000 grit disc and Sidecut polishing oil for the smoothest fastest edges (optional).
    • You'll need to supply your own adapter for the European plug that comes with this unit.***  

    Used For: Race, All-mountain skiers and Snowboarders.

    SIDECUT® Ski & Snowboard tuning and wax products in Canada, USA, Europe, Norway, Sweden, Australia & New Zealand.

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