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WC File Guides - with SS plate
    Purchase WC File Guides - with SS plate

    WC File Guides - with SS plate

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    SIDECUT World Cup File Guides offer the utmost precision and accuracy so you'll achieve the perfect angle from tip to tail. 


    • WC Guides have a hand polished stainless steel anti-friction glide, are heavier, wear much better than standard guides and feel nicer in the hand.
    • All of our File Guides are made of the highest quality aluminium and machined to the strictest tolerances because accuracy is essential.
    • Guides are colour anodized and laser embossed specifying the degree of angle and won't wear from use.
    • Our guides come in 91º, 92º, 93º, 94º and 95º increments which give you a side-edge bevel of 89º, 88º, 87º, 86º and 85º degrees respectively or in other words a 1º, 2º, 3º, 4º and 5º degree side-edge angle.
    • Our suggested 'default' and the most popular side-edge bevel for all skiers and snowboarders is 92º = 88º = 2º.
    • You will certainly see and feel the superior quality once you use one.
    • Note: This model does not include our Trigger Clamp for securing the file or stone (this must be ordered separately). 


    • Innovative design has 2 centre holes to attach a 'Sidewall Remover Kit' which gives you the opportunity to convert your File Guide into a Sidewall Removal Tool, giving you two tools in one. 
    • Download our FREE 'Tuning Degree Guidelines' PDF here: Tuning Degree Guidelines
    • Watch our 4 step learn how-to-tune videos for both children's and adult skis: Instructional Tuning Videos

    Used By: Ski Racers, Recreational Carvers, All-Mountain, Powder skiers & Snowboarders.

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