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WC File Guides - with SS plate and Trigger Clamp
    Purchase WC File Guides - with SS plate and Trigger Clamp

    WC File Guides - with SS plate and Trigger Clamp

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    SIDECUT World Cup File Guides with our Trigger Clamping System offer the utmost precision and accuracy. They offer the safest method for clamping your files and stones to your File Guide and eliminate separation between files or stones and the guide. This means you'll get the perfect angle from tip to tail. 


    • The Trigger Clamping System can be mounted left or right handed.
    • WC Guides have a hand polished stainless steel anti-friction glide, are heavier, wear much better than regular guides and feel nicer in the hand.
    • All of our File Guides are made of the highest quality aluminium and machined to the strictest tolerances because accuracy is essential.
    • Guides are colour anodized and laser embossed specifying the degree of angle and won't wear from use.
    • Our guides come in 91º, 92º, 93º, 94º and 95º increments which give you a side-edge bevel of 89º, 88º, 87º, 86º and 85º degrees respectively or in other words a 1º, 2º, 3º, 4º and 5º degree side-edge angle.
    • Our suggested 'default' and the most popular side-edge bevel for all skiers and snowboarders is 92º = 88º = 2º.
    • You will certainly see and feel the superior quality once you use one.


    • Innovative design has 2 centre holes to attach a 'Sidewall Remover Kit' which gives you the opportunity to convert your File Guide into a Sidewall Removal Tool, giving you two tools in one. 
    • Download our FREE 'Tuning Degree Guidelines' PDF here: Tuning Degree Guidelines
    • Watch our 4 step learn how-to-tune videos for both children's and adult skis: Instructional Tuning Videos

    Used By: Ski Racers, Recreational Carvers, All-Mountain, Powder skiers & Snowboarders.

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